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How to know if I am in credit bureau

The web page www.consultareportedecredito.com asks the user for personal data using a format that resembles the Special Credit Report form used by the Credit Bureau, in this way they take advantage of the opportunity to obtain information such as: name, address, telephone, RFC, CURP and email.

Once the user provides this information, an online chat is opened where an "advisor" indicates to the user that as a result of the consultation made to the Credit Bureau, a debt has been detected that "already has a court order for seizure". Subsequently, the advisor offers the user to stop the judicial procedure and delete the alleged debt from the Special Credit Report, if the user makes the corresponding payment at that moment in a ?concentrator account? of a specific banking institution.

Www.circulodecredito.com.mx credit buro report

In the last blog, we talked about what is the Credit Bureau and how it works, we mentioned that it is a private financial institution, which is responsible for managing, collecting and delivering, to those banks and companies, who request it, the good or bad management of your credit activity. In simpler words, they inform them how good or bad a payer you are. Therefore, your credit history is very important, since it is your "letter of introduction" for you to be able to access credit. So, now you are probably asking yourself, how can I get my credit history, we are going to help you so that you have this important information.

5. Next, provide the information of your current credit card, car loan or mortgage. Don't worry, this information is to validate your identity and is secured by law.

6. Your credit history information will be generated in a PDF file, which you can print or send to your email. This information will only be available for 24 hours, if you did not print or save it, you will have to pay $34.20 pesos to get it again.

Coppel Credit Bureau

Applying for a loan from a bank is not always an option for everyone, which is why approximately 70% of Mexicans resort to informal lenders who often grant credit at abusive rates and, far from helping to solve an economic problem, leave the applicant over-indebted.

By empowering people with a technological tool that allows them to formalize loans between acquaintances in a secure, transparent and automated manner, we ensure that they obtain fair loans and eradicate advantageous practices.

Credit bureau and credit circle are the same thing.

Being in the Credit Bureau https://www.burodecredito.com.mx/ is something normal, since the moment we apply for a loan we are immediately registered in it. It is important to remember that both Buró de Crédito and Círculo de Crédito https://www.circulodecredito.com.mx/ are private companies that are in charge of integrating your credit history through the Special Credit Report. This report is your letter of introduction before the financial institutions, and contains both your punctual payments and the delays or debts that you have in the credits that you have been obtaining. It is these debts or delays that keep you in the Buró with a bad rating, but how long does it take to eliminate your bad rating in the Credit Bureau? Here we tell you.

Investment Units (UDIs) are units of value that are based on the increase in prices (inflation) and are used to settle the obligations of the acquired credits. In simpler words, a UDI is a unit of national value that increases in line with inflation so that it does not lose value over time. When they were created on April 4, 1995, the value of one UDI was equivalent to 1 peso.

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