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Hello block, this test is based on the guide of the module 5 plan «Nuples», and obviously some questions come in the exam and others not, because the exam is 30 or 40 questions and this test is 138 questions, to me I favored a lot I recommend it, slds

in the exam of module 5 there are several questions that do not come in the guide in this I took 7 learning this test well hopefully you will do better because I really do not have any notions of English and if I was complicated, but in module 12 I took 10 that if it comes as in the guide

Asociate the left column with the corresponding description on the right column here (near) there (far) this that these those.Asociate the left column with the corresponding description on the right column

nex to under front of behind near.Wich os these list includes only vocabulary regarding family members brother, son , sister-in-low, girl friend, grandmother, son, cusin, cousin, nephew, aunt, brother-in-low niece, aunt, grandfather, partner.Match the sentences according to like or dislike

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Recognized as the best foreign delegation in the NHS-MUN (National High School Model United Nations), apart from being one of the best equipped high schools in technology and learning environments; with a Creative Lab and Learning Space.

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At Mission Admission we believe that the most important thing is that you learn with short and simple explanations. We believe that learning should be fun, that’s why our videos will keep you engaged with examples from everyday life.

The teachers are always watching your progress and are excellent people. I have taken the courses twice and have been admitted to the schools I apply to. I highly recommend them!

Excellent course, all the topics are explained in a very clear and detailed way; the videos have a good editing and animations that make it entertaining and fun; the exercises help a lot to practice and familiarize yourself with the form of the questions.

Excellent classes and the platform is very helpful, the teachers are well trained, interactive activities, and they solve all your doubts, it is an advantage of these courses, the platform is very useful, since you have it at any time to review.

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This option has the bivalent modality, that is to say, you can study high school at the same time as a technical career. The initial subjects that you will take here are practically the same as in the general baccalaureate, therefore, they prepare you to study a professional career at the university level; the rest of the subjects are technological which will prepare you as a technician at the high school level and are taken together with the initial subjects.

It is a non-school-based modality of the baccalaureate level that is offered to the population with the desire or need to begin, continue or conclude this training cycle, and does not have the opportunity to attend a school as required by the school-based baccalaureate. It can have a duration of up to 24 months in the Colegio de Bachilleres, or with the Preparatoria Abierta of the Dirección General del Bachillerato (DGB), the student freely chooses his or her curricular path and the time he or she will dedicate to independent study and accreditation.

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