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La SEP tiene como propósito esencial crear condiciones que permitan asegurar el acceso de todas las mexicanas y mexicanos a una educación de calidad, en el nivel y modalidad que la requieran y en el lugar donde la demanden.

Es el mejor y más efectivo motor de búsqueda de correo electrónico que he utilizado hasta ahora, y he probado unos cuantos. Tanto en el alcance de las búsquedas, como en el número de correos electrónicos precisos encontrados, encuentro que supera a otros. También me gusta el diseño, que es fácil de ver, más atractivo y eficiente. El resultado final es que ha sido una herramienta eficaz en mi trabajo, como organización sin ánimo de lucro que llega a los líderes.

Attendance Commitment Form

However, being an online high school tutor is a very big responsibility, since sometimes the professionals who work in this environment feel that their effort, dedication and work are not valued.

Following the previous step, the objective is to achieve the student’s integration, permanence and graduation in the program. In addition, the online high school tutors are in charge of following up with the students to prevent them from dropping out of the learning process.

Another goal of the online high school tutors is to promote student participation in extracurricular activities. They also look for strategies that promote the students’ areas of interest, and thus achieve their integral formation.

In this area, the tutor’s work is focused on supporting each student in their integration to the online educational modality, as well as helping them to adapt to the environment and to overcome emotional situations that represent a risk for the completion of their studies.

In this dimension the objective is to provide support to the student in their learning process, through the use of strategies and tools that promote self-regulation, critical and reflective capacity.

Letter of commitment to comply with the project

At MATI we are proud to partner with Award Winning International Platforms that are extremely important in the skill development of our enrollees. We also have our own SEP registered material available in our tuition. Attending Grade School at Mati Homeschool is receiving the academic enrichment of an American Private School in addition to being enrolled in a Private School that will give you the Coverage while homeschooling.

MATI’s curriculum was developed by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers who support advanced learners and those seeking academic excellence.  They recognized the need for an online community where students (whether gifted and talented or not) and their families can learn, obtain resources, and meet real-world challenges and realize their full potential.Here are some highlights of our service:

Letter of commitment to comply with quality standards

A company committed to innovation, development and continuous improvement of Human Talent and its processes. We are your ally in any need for: improvement, growth, training or education.

We transform organizations through our experience and creativity, adding value to your idea with guaranteed quality. In classroom or distance mode, with the most innovative methodologies and educational technologies.

Coach and Consultant specialized in: Human Development, Organizational Development, Training, Education and New Technologies. Master in Educational Sciences with specialization in Educational Technology by 3 European universities, Executive Coach by the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and certified in Coaching by CONOCER and International Coaching Technologies. Facilitator accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Expert in Communication and Media Engineering graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (UNAM), with a Master’s Degree in Media Engineering from the University of Poitiers, France, with internships at the Universidad Tecnológica de Lisboa and the Universidad Nacional de Estudios a Distancia de Madrid.

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