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Inconsistency of data examples

1Enter with your fiscal code to the Registry System service, option «CUIT Inactive». Then, select the pencil icon to edit the errors. Once the inconsistencies have been corrected, click on «Obtain CUIT» and wait for the validation of the data entered so that the CUIT is automatically reactivated. 2PHOTO VALIDATION – VERIFICATION OF THE IMAGE OF THE SENT ID If your CUIT was limited due to inconsistencies between the submitted photo and the one of the ID card, to reinstate it, you must use the option displayed to upload your photos. Try to make sure that the photo you send is similar to the one on your ID card (passport style, 4×4) but not the same.3ID CARD IMAGE – IMAGE REVIEW OF THE ID CARD YOU SENT

If your CUIT was limited due to problems in the images of the ID card sent, it is because the quality does not allow its recognition. To reinstate it, you must use the option displayed to upload again the photos of your ID (front and back), taking into account that all data are legible and there is no other element that hinders the recognition.4ADDRESS VERIFICATION – INCONSISTENCE IN THE TAX ADDRESS

Inconsistency of data in the database

Good morning, about 10 days ago, I sent the photos of my documents and the selfie with the sign and I still have not received any email of information about whether I should wait more or send the documents again for the verification of the account.

Good evening, my account verification was failed, I sent the email to support with the IDs and I have not received any answer, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to generate another ticket, after sending the photos to support will the problem be solved and verified?

I have not been able to verify my account because my ID has expired. In Venezuela the renewal of the Identity Cards is suspended, will there be another mechanism that will allow me to verify my account. Thank you for your attention.

Good My problem is that the verification was rejected they sent me an email telling me that it was rejected and that I can try again what happens when I go to verification only comes out that I failed and leaves me no option to retry the verification what should I do? and thank you

Types of inconsistencies

Cette contribution aborde les différences conceptuelles entre les pseudo-copules hacerse et volverse, partant des notions de «réalisation» et de «régression» qui caractérisent leurs emplois lexicaux.

This contribution tackles the conceptual differences between the pseudo-copulas hacerse and volverse, starting off from the notions of «realization» and «regression» that characterize their lexical uses.

b) [+graduality] / [-graduality]. Hacerse expresses the idea of a gradual (overcoming) change (little by little, more and more), volverse evokes a rapid, abrupt or brutal change (suddenly, all of a sudden).

c) [+positive] / [±positive]. While hacerse is usually found in positive contexts (progress, promotion or development), volverse is also used in contexts of regression or demotion, that is, in negative contexts.

6 Although in many contexts, as in (1) and (2), the relevance of these oppositions seems to be proven, there are many cases where their scope is much less clear. How can we explain, for example, that in (3) the author has preferred hacerse for a change that can hardly be qualified as [+voluntary] or [+positive]? Moreover, the dimension of [gradualness] in becoming old (3) is no more clear than in becoming old (4)4. And although in (4) the evaluation of the process is clearly of a negative sign, the adverbial modification ni a tiros suggests that the subject entity (César Romero) opposes some resistance to opposing forces; it thus participates in a dynamic relation with the role of the «agonist» that exerts a counterforce against «antagonistic» entities (Talmy 2000a: 413-415).

Inconsistencies dian

The report mentions other irregularities related, for example, to the alleged provision of patient transfer services in ambulances. It was detected that charges were made for the service of these emergency vehicles to move patients who were in different and distant places to health care centers and that, in spite of this, the report shows services of the same ambulance with only five minutes difference between one transfer and the other. The control body considered that it was improbable that these could be provided so quickly, so it warns that at least «one of the documents differs from reality».These situations have been identified mostly in IPS of Valle del Cauca and Cordoba.The special audit action also draws attention to alleged double payments of ambulance transportation expense claims for the same user and accident, with different filing date, for $ 102’745. 121.(You may be interested in: Kidnapping: details of hearing of ex-Farc in JEP and demands of victims) «It is evident that health service providers presented the same support more than once to claim allegedly 2 or 3 times the same recognition for transport service and that Adres made double payments for these claims,» said the entity.

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